Structured Cabling

Infrastructure is the key to making the most of your investment. As technology expands, so do requirements of cabling infrastructure.   Whether you’re building a new facility, expanding an existing facility, or upgrading your current cabling system, CDE’s long history of engineering, installing and enhancing communications network infrastructure can insure that the investment you make to connect all your resources pays bid dividends.

CDE has industry trained and certified employees in Cat 6 and fiber optic cables. We can install and maintain campus area networks with our directional boring machines, trenchers and excavators. Our personnel includes a BICSI-Certified RCDD on staff which shows that we clearly understand the designing of underground pathway systems for single and multi-mode fiber, high pair-count copper, and coax trunk cabling.

What is BICSI-Certified RCDD?

The Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) certification is globally recognized within the telecommunications industry, as a designation of the exceptional qualifications and expertise of the individual, in the design, integration and implementation of telecommunications systems and their related infrastructure components.

The RCDD certificate is proof that the certificate holder knows how to design the network cabling inside buildings. The RCDD certification program is governed by an organization called the BICSI, or Building Industry Consulting Service International. This organization provides information about telecommunication networks, such as phone and Internet cables. The organization hiring a construction contractor may require that the builder has an RCDD-certified person on staff. RCDD certificates are granted to licensed professionals. They are required to sign off on the architect’s design plans, so they have responsibility for the building design and network capabilities of the structure.

RCDD certificate holders oversee several areas in building construction. They design the installation plans for copper wiring, grounding and fuse boxes, as well as fiber-optic cables.

The RCDD designation is becoming ever more recognized and required…by many private and state organizations.

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